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  1. unassisted birth There may be a few women left on the planet who aren’t autaclly rebelling against the male-dominated hospital setting when they get pregnant. There are some women who can ignore all the social expectations of the present day, and just be a woman . By that I mean a female creature, one of the many females on this planet. It doesn’t take a whole lot of observation to see that giving birth is as natural as it gets. As a matter of fact, it’s at the core of the heartbeat of life. Maybe that’s why men want to control it. They are a part of it; just not a big enough part. I, personally, did not know what great forces I would experience when giving birth. That part was the greatest experience of my life. I am talking about the wave that rushes through the body when the baby is born. Push?? Something else was doing that for me. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something different about me that allowed painless childbirth. I do have two secrets that I believe contribute to the painless part, though. Number one is that I had no fear, no preconceptions, no worries whatsoever. I had total faith in life and my ability to participate in bringing forth life. Second, I drank red raspberry leaf tea. I drank it throughout my pregnancies and on the day of delivery. I have had five children at home. My labor lasts from 4 to 8 hours. I walk and rest during that time. I realize what’s happening my uterine muscles are prepping for the big push and I relax through it. The muscles have a job to do and I let them do it. Delivering the baby was not painful at all for me. Relaxing the bottom half of your body is quite possible. I also realize that red raspberry has properties that strengthen the uterus and relax the cervix. I was not afraid to be a woman. Why are so many others? I was raised a Catholic. I know the creation story. The Bible declares that women will bring forth children in pain. So why am I so different? I’ve asked myself that. And I believe, before the Bible, that I am a creature of God, just like every other creature on this earth, including plants and bugs. That I am no more special, but oh so special. Carrying a child and giving birth was one of the most beautiful, awesome experiences of my life, and it is a crime to rob women of this experience, which reminds them that they are part of the beauty of creation. I haven’t read Jennifer Block’s book yet, but will look for it today and pick it up.Janeen from North Carolina


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